• MX-650
    (Remote Controls - Universal)

    Home-Theater is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately you can get bogged down with a whole basket of remote controls to operate all the TV and sound equipment. There's an effective and reasonable alternative that can help make your life and home-theater use much easier. Unlike most remotes that use InfraRed signaling (which requires line of sight), the Univeral Remote MX-650 Omega Remote Control uses radio frequencies to adjust settings of up to 20 components from up to 100 feet away. Each of the 20 components can be programmed with up to 4 pages of LCD screens, plus the 33 hard buttons. The MX-650 allows you to edit the text on each LCD screen exactly as you prefer (up to 26 screens with 10 buttons per screen, for a total of 260 available text buttons and up to 5 characters per button). One Year Parts and Labor Warranty from Universal Remote Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)