• 77EG9700
    (LED TV - 77")

    Settle for nothing but the best. With LG's EG9700 CURVED OLED and UHD 4K TV, LG's latest and greatest in TV technology is rolled into one amazing TV. With a contrast ratio so high they stopped counting, you get the deepest black levels providing a greater sense of depth and realism. Add in the 2 million more sub pixels than standard RGB TVs and 4K resolution that is 4 times the resolution of Full HD and you've got picture quality so real, so lifelike, you'll forget you're watching a TV. And, with the Tru-4K Engine Pro, even if you're watching Full HD content, it will appear clearer so you can enjoy the benefits of near 4K content no matter what you are watching. Not only does the EG9700 feature the most advanced technologies, it boasts and eye catching curved design and pencil thin frame that will be the highlight of any room in the house.